How to use Notion for Project Management (Guide)

Notion is a note taking and productivity app. It can help you become more organized and more projects completed.

There is no need to employ a complex system. Start with something simple and expand from there if you have the need to do so.

First, have an understanding of project management and which methodologies you want to apply to manage your tasks. That will dictate what kind of tool or visual display you are seeking.

Step 1: Choose your template or create your own

Look up multiple ways. You can check out a template like this one.

Make it custom to you if you want by Duplicating thr page to your Notion account.

You can use the project management life cycle to document things such as your project charter and requirements in a checklist fashion notion also has pre-made templates to select from.

It helps to think about what style of project management you will use for your project. This will determine what type of documents and notation you create.

What is the project management life cycle?

(screenshot of Notion template)

(image of common documents needed in project management) could be life cycle

Or something as simple as a to-do list and having a collection box creating the Getting Things Done (GTD) system (screenshots)

Step 2: Use templates and customize to your liking

You can create your own templates in Notion for common project mamagemyent documents like the Project Charter.

What are some advanced things Notion can do related to project management?

Step 3: Add collaborators or make your note public for your team

Notion shines when you are sharing your work to expedite communication for your team.

Notion has a very neat duplication feature and it is a productivity tool. If you have friends who have working templates, ask them kindly for them to share their resources with you with a shareable web link.

As you manage your projects you will begin to notice ways you can tweak. Duplicate your existing templates to speed up the process of creating documentation for future projects.

If you are using agile or sprints, consider this template.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think!

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