How to Make a Lead Magnet: 6 Simple Steps

Lead magnets are used in sales funnels to get prospects to exchange their contact info for the magnet. Lead magnets are used to initiate marketing communications and are usually followed by an email sequence. This post will cover the details you need on how to make a lead magnet.

Lead magnets that solve problems and offer real value to your customers are more likely to be downloaded.

Lead magnets are a part of your landing page which is the website where you will be driving traffic to. The goal is to drive qualified traffic to your landing page.

These people have common interests and if you have done your marketing correctly, then they have a common problem that your lead magnet is created to resolve. Here are the steps:

How to create your lead magnet

Perhaps the best way to start is by downloading other people’s lead magnets. Pay attention to their branding, color scheme, and how they structure the information.


Once you are ready to create your own, you can start with these steps:

  1. Identify your target customer
  2. Select a burning problem you want to solve
  3. Brainstorm a solution
  4. Start with an outline: Then describe step by step how your product will solve your customers problem
  5. Start writing in a document or designing in Canva
  6. Create your lead magnet

How long should creating my lead magnet take?

Depending on your outline, it may take anywhere from one hour to a few hours.

The more examples you see beforehand, the more ideas you will have. Remember you can just create the information and then improve the design over time if you are in a time crunch.

  • Ebook
  • PDF download
  • Video playlist
  • Checklist
  • Guide
  • Something exclusive

How to test it?

The best way to test your lead magnet is to get as many readers as possible. And filter out the high-quality feedback that will lead you to making value improvements to your product.

Share your lead magnet with people who have the problem that your lead magnet was created to solve. Ask for their honest feedback on your magnet. Consider creating a survey for open-ended responses. Or picking up the phone and asking these questions while noting the answers of your prospect.

Make receiving your lead magnet as easy as possible.

Qualify people before giving them your magnet. Your wife will probably like it because she lives with you.

Ask qualified prospects for honest feedback. Tell them you won’t be offended.

Ask them how you can improve and then use your time, money, and creativity to continue improving your magnet.

Improve your sales funnel lead magnet over time

This is why I like ebooks or really anything digital text related because it is easy to update. These types of products are also easy to deliver to the customer via a system.

Send it to your friends and family members. And get feedback to improve your magnet. Test it with an audience that you have been building.

Discover a way to drive qualified traffic. I am using Twitter, I have an entrepreneur-themed account and I drive qualified traffic to my funnel. I use my email communications in my funnel to drive traffic to this website.

If people are not downloading my lead magnet enough then there is a high likelihood that I am not telling enough people about it.

How to Make a Lead Magnet that Works

How strongly your lead magnet solves the problem your customers have will give the magnet a stronger pull.

Maybe you can have a survey for people to rate their reception or your lead magnet and give you some areas to improve. You can use a site like Google Forms to create a survey for free.

Skills required to create a lead magnet.

understand what value means to your customer.

You can use Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Canva to design your magnet. Start with an outline and the goal you want to accomplish after your readers complete your magnet.

Can you test my funnel for me? Sure just send me an email at

Tools you can use or best tips:

  • Google drawings

Good examples

Here are some influencers you can check out who have nice lead magnets…


Your lead magnet is probably the most important asset in your funnel because it is the freebie people want that puts them on your email list. A great magnet will force people to initiate additional marketing communications because of how useful the magnet (product) is.

Here is a YouTube video I have found that helps to break down the core important features of a high-converting lead magnet.

After you create a lead magnet, you want to learn how to build your landing page.

Thanks for reading. If you found this article helpful, then please share it. Have a good one!

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