How to Get Your First 85 Email Subscribers on Beehiiv (Guide)

Your email list is one of the most valuable assets you can build for your business or personal brand. Some people say email is dead, and while people are getting more emails than ever, it is still a valid channel to market your offers and communicate with your audience.

There are a lot of steps but you don’t have to complete them in one day. Take it one step at a time and some steps you may be able to revisit at a later date but these are just some things to keep in mind.

This is a guide to grow your list and start gaining traction on Beehiiv.

Beehiiv is a newsletter and email marketing service that has a simple-to-use interface.

Step 1: Create a Beehiiv account.

Create a Name your newsletter. Add a brief description for your newsletter and add a photo as well.

Set up your password and any related profile details.

Go through the verification process which is usually around 2 days.

Step 2: Draft your first newsletter

How to pick a topic to write about?

Once you had been approved, you can import your list or draft.

Build a personal brand and attract an audience. Find out how you can serve them and the cadence of sending emails. Here is the guide to achieving this goal.

Create an outline and add bullet points for each topic you want to cover. A strong outline is half the battle it will create essentially your entire newsletter.

Step 3: Follow other people who are great with newsletters

This is how you will get more ideas for delivery and how to talk to your audience. Look at the images and the words they use.

How often do they email their audience?

What are they offering to their audience and what are some ways they keep your attention?

Step 4: Batch-create future newsletters

you can start with a plan or vision and some outlines. How can you create the idea for your next 3 newsletters in one session?

think of clusters of topics.

Outlining and creating drafts. Don’t need to think too far ahead but pre-planning can help in case you ever run out of topic ideas in the future.

Step 5: Create a value statement

Get clear on the value you provide with your newsletter and your promise to deliver, whatever you can commit to.

People will come to expect this and if you deliver it could seriously boost your brand reputation.

Once you develop your statement, use it in your marketing messages and mention it aloud when you meet the right people in person.

Step 6: (Optional) Set up Double Opt-in

Why would you want to do that? To ensure people who join the really, really want to be on the list. To prevent any issues with bots.

UK laws? Privacy and how that affects double opt-in. You cannot send emails to someone who has not opted into your list in some countries.

Lead with value. Consider leveraging the power of a lead magnet.

Leverage the power of Twitter Spaces. Your voice builds trust and you can drive qualified traffic to your landing page.

Have a plan but it doesn’t have to be lengthy.

Who is your ideal reader and where are they hanging out?

Step 7: Create a workflow

Are there any scripts you can create to speed up the process of getting new subscribers? Document your newsletter SOP steps and follow your steps to produce consistently.

You can use Google Drawings to map out your email marketing flow and this helps to visualize the step-by-step process needed to get new subscribers.

Step 8: Take a look at your previous emails and what your numbers are

This can help you understand what subject lines and topics have been working so far. Beehiiv doesn’t give a lot of data for free and their next pricing tier is honestly kind of expensive at $99/month. Email marketing has some of the clearest key performance indicators and they can let you know the success of your efforts.

Step 9: Create a daily activity document

I use a Google sheet to track how many DMs, comments, and offers I send a day. If you want, you can check out an example of my daily activity spreadsheet here.

There are several approaches to grow your email list. The goal is to track the key performance metrics that determine how you grow your list.

A permission marketing approach is helpful and I like to look at things as a matter of activity. So what can you control and measure?

Step 10: Get a source like Twitter or Medium

You will need to send qualified traffic to your newsletter sign-up page. Not everyone who you ask to join your newsletter will sign up and that is fine.

For the type of people who are hanging out on that platform. Build a base and position yourself creating content to attract your ideal reader.

You will also get some unsubs as you grow your list.

Step 11: Develop a routine/cadence to send your emails

The effects of email are compounded when you can stay consistent.

There are a few strategies for growing your list but they can be separated into two main categories: Organic and paid.

Organic strategies include:

Dms vs threads vs giveaway strategy

A warm DM strategy on Twitter can be effective but you will need to test it for yourself.

You can DM someone as soon as they follow you or chat for a bit and make a “turn” when it’s acceptable.

Threads are for a certain audience size on Twitter is what some people say but I believe you should practice writing them as soon as possible. Using long-form and short-form content to drive new sign-ups.

Giveaways are helpful for getting more exposure on your sign-up form. You can include the link to join your newsletter in the the giveaway file or have people enter their email addresses to get the file.

This will likely be after you’ve provided some value.

Creating an account on a forum and delivering value to a community

Be consistent and try new ways to grow your list and engage with your audience. Always be experimenting.

send test emails before sending your final draft or scheduling it to be sent to your list. Catch errors before your work gets blasted out to all of your subscribers.

Step 12: Get feedback from your subscribers

Use polls to better understand your audience’s preferences. Use links to see what interests people. Doesn’t matter how small your list is at first, stay committed to growing it.

In your emails, create an invitation to reply to you, and ask questions to get direction.

Meera Kothand has a great book on email marketing called 300 Email Marketing Tips.

Document your journey as you grow and make mistakes. This will be a long-term deal and what you learn can always be helpful for your review or you can share your documentation with others.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what challenges you are having growing your list so that we can discuss them. You can subscribe to my newsletter here if you are interested.

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