How to Build an Engaged Online community on Discord (Guide)

Building an online community is super valuable but its more than just a group of people. It’s a bond and a commonplace for connection.

We have a human need to be in communities that best fit us.

To be successful, you must dedicate time and be disciplined to grow a thriving community. It does take some time and working with closely with people to achieve things goal.

What is the value in an online community?

It is a place for people to connect and relate to other like-minded people.

Humans tend to thrive better in collaborations and communities are a major defining point in our identities. Plus its hard to accomplish major tasks alone.

You can pick a platform for your online community to be hosted on but in this post I will give you step by step for discord.

Initial setup

Growing pains

consistency, constant battle to keep members engaged and using the tools created and showing up to the meetings ready.


How do you build a strong online community?

Discover what type of people you want to attract to your online community.

Consistency in providing value to your audience is what helps to grow over time.

Have a schedule for posting engaging content such as questions.

Don’t forget about the people who are already in the group because sometimes it’s easy to just focus on getting new members to the community.

Being a regular contributor of the engagement group and making the best experience for all of the members is the goal.

Before you build an online community, you need to read up on why it is important (social aspect) and how it will benefit your brand which is in many ways. Some of the best resources I have found are “Building Successful Online Communities” and “Hooked”.

You want the community to become a habit and a part of the lifestyle for your members.

If it is a part of their identity then it is more likely to catch on.

Expect them to need a lot of reminders and it’s important that your selection process vets the type of people you want in your community.

Focus on your Topics (it helps to be niche specific even if you have a lot of niches in mind at first).

Next, you want to focus on your Experts, these will be people who provide guidance and insight in your community to help the newer members accomplish what they joined the community for.

Focus on your Quality by ensuring the best content gers archived and out in the right places. Quality also comes from showing up every day and being consistent as this will form part of the impression of your online community and your dedication to it.

How do you structure an online community?

Consider using Discord, whatsapp, telegram, or slack to get started. Discord is nice for the bots and automation you can set up.

Online communities are extremely valuable and relevant today. Humans need groups to thrive and share resources.

Create a community plan. It doesn’t have to be long but create some daily actions that you can take to improve the structure of your community.

Who to invite, when to launch, how to contribute content, what your community members really want to accomplish out of life. Get very clear and write goals down this can be communicated in onboarding with proper documentation.

Take notes from the best communities you are currently a part of. How do they keep their members engaged and how do they grow the group with high quality people?

What makes a successful online community?

Love and compassion, support and working towards a common objective. It has to be a place that really helps the first members as well as the last members.

may be fun, challenging, rewarding, or a need to connect and belong to have a place.

How do you expand your online community?

Have your members doing some of the promotion create a landing page and possibly Facebook page and drive qualified traffic so that you can get new members.

Understand where your target community members are already hanging out and pitch a tent there. Create valuable content that attracts their attention.

What are five 5 ways that you can engage and encourage engagement with your online community?

  1. content
  2. asking more questions / prompts
  3. a long term plan and outlook
  4. giveaways


How do you keep an online community alive?

This really is a part-time or a full-time job to create a thriving online community and it’s something you may want to have a partner or a team with to help you keep it going in the event that you’re not is motivated anymore were excited as when you first created the community.

Interview each of your members, add their feedback as possible to enhance the experience.

Accepting the fact that the first few months may be kind of dry or dull because you’re really attempting to get the party started and then internalize the habit of people viewing and contributing to the community.

You want a platform that they won’t have to jump through too many hoops through to be a part of the community. This is related to reducing friction.

What is the best community engagement method?

providing value keeps the people going. You should have a routine or automation to keep this going.

meeting people at their level

Never forgetting about the individual. As your community grows larger it’s going to be harder to focus on each individual because you’re going to be thinking about the group as a whole. People really appreciate being personally addressed and not feeling like they are being ignored or being reduced down to a number in a crowd.

What are examples of community engagement?

Step 1: Decide what your community will be about

Step 2: Decide the platform you want to use

Step 3: Create an onboarding plan

Step 4: Onboard new members

step 5: create an engagement plan

step 6: create an engagement and daily growth operation

step 7: read emyth or systemology to better systemize the results and experience of your group

Thank you for reading. A book that also may be helpful is something like the 7 levels of communication to drive more impactful conversations in your community. Check out this blog I wrote.

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