Blog Purpose: Ground Up Biz

Welcome to Ground up biz! Entrepreneurs paradise.

It is an honor to share good wisdom with you. I’ve been blogging for a few years now, it’s time to put it all together. The goal of this site is to provide a consistent flow of content that solves problems for entrepreneurs with less fluff and more actionable information.

PDFs and resources, downloadable items will soon be a huge part of this site.

We need mentors to be even better.

I write to deliver everything I have learned in my lifetime is a way that is relatable and usable. I appreciate you for visiting this website and am open for any feedback you may have.

This site will take a while to develop but it will be so worth it as a resource for all who want to make their business dreams come true. It will come from service and value.


Educate others and empower others through goal setting and goal getting. Let’s find out more of what we need to know to do well in business. We use smart goals to make the blog purpose happen.

Phase 1 – Content. Flow. Topics & research.

Phase 2 – Maximum marketing. Building a team. Kaizen.

Phase 3 – 2023, probably some sort of education or funding system for entrepreneurs. They need both.

To be responsible like a pet to never give up.

Inspired action will help much so Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is the current posting schedule.

Make it easier and digestible to consume

Relevant info to make you the best entrepreneur you can be. Because we need a flow of new ideas and motivation usually.

A library of books and articles that I have found to be useful for entrepreneurs. More support and fresh ideas.

  • Being consistent in posting schedule
  • Having a set process
  • Paying the hosting, domain, and private email bills ahead of time

Think big and remember the ultimate mission. I also created this blog so I could learn more about becoming an entrepreneur.

Small problems, small paycheck.

Thanks for checking out this blog please share it with a friend if you have any that would be interested in this content.

How valuable can we make this site to build something bigger than me? Join me on this journey and let me know how I can support your entrepreneurial journey. If there’s anything you want to learn, let me know or any entrepreneur-related content in particular and I will source it

Ground Up Biz Podcast

I’ve been documenting my journey with the Ground Up Biz podcast. You can listen here.

I want this site to be a resource for business owners all around the world to become aware of tips to improve the efficiency and productivity of their businesses. I want the site to eventually be removed of fluff and every article to be full of value and use.

Eventually, I’d like to have other writers or contributors and I have done so ghostwriting projects. I would like this website to provide jobs and opportunities to other people who need them.

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