How to Get 1,000 Followers on Medium (Guide)

What is Medium and why should you use the website? It’s a blogging platform where you can share your ideas online and get paid for your writing as well. It has a really simple user interface that makes it easy to contribute and engage. Step 1: Create a Medium account Create an account and set … Read more

What is a Permission Marketing Approach?

Your marketing campaigns can experience more success when you get your prospect’s permission before marketing to them. The opt-in incentive has to be strong enough to pull your ideal customer into your funnel. Permission Marketing by Seth Godin is a great book to read on this topic. Everyone has their own interests. Compare your interruption … Read more

Do you think poetry is a bad personal brand?

Branding is around you everywhere. It’s how we form relationships with companies and ideas. What is Personal branding? A personal brand is a useful tool to build a reputation in the industry of your choice. It is a lifelong process of growing and documenting your journey. Personal branding is all about creating an audience that … Read more

7 Networking Tips for Young Professionals

We all want to meet interesting people who aren’t totally interested just in themselves but who care about making a positive difference in the world and who want to connect with others and build strong relationships. 1. Work on your communication skills Know what type of people you want to connect with and meet them … Read more

MJ Demarco books: Awesome Financial and Business Tips

The first book I read from MJ Demarco was The Millionaire Fastlane. The next one I read was Unscripted. I wanted to become better with personal finances and achieve my goal of becoming a millionaire so that I could provide more support to my family. If you read the MJ Demarco books, you will see … Read more